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I think the franchise needed and needs a booster shot in the arm, and 'Superman Returns' was more like a shot of heroin. There was real potential there, but without it, we do need a 'Superman Begins.' Donner's 'Superman' was great, but there is too much there (i.e. pre-corporate Luthor) that we should be getting away from that they should start over. Superman is iconic enough that you can really do a quick breeze over his origins, yes, but why not instead do a 'Why Must there Be a Superman?' type story instead, forcing you to look at why he's doing what he's doing and tying his origin in that way. Superman is a science-fiction superhero. Ground him in reality, sure, depower him a little, ok, but he's a science fiction superhero. He should have a science fiction approach. And, I quite like the idea of clever Clark Kent hunting down criminals though his job and depicted realistically. Perhaps he even comes into conflict with Luthor that way, via Intergang... and Metallo. Oooh! I may have to write this. Brainiac could also feature to tie into his origin.

If you ask me, not using Brainiac in a SR, a movie in which Clark returns to the leftovers of Krypton to look for his roots, was a HUGELY MISSED OPPORTUNITY. That was something Kevin Smith gave us that shouldn't have been abandoned.

And for God's sake, give him someone to actually fight physically as well. Batman had SCORES of people to fight in between the talking and fun character development/expositionary stuff. Cleverly, some of those fights even overlapped the exposition.



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