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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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I'm 28 pages into Return of the Wolf Man, and it's pulpy fun so far. It picks up right at the climax of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. It's got funny little winks to the movie, like how he's drawn to people who are in a state of fear, and how the "chubby little man" had more fear than he'd ever sensed in a human being.
Abbott and Costello are canon! That's kind of cool-- actually, it could go either way, depending on the writer-- but it's nice that he's drawing from all the movies.

It's already had some Wolf Man, some Count Dracula, and Larry Talbot wringing his hands when he's restored to humanity.
I hope the producers of the new movie understand that a Larry Talbot who does not wring his hands is no Larry Talbot at all.

It's still got more blood in it than I guess you'd expect from a Universal Monsters book. I suppose it makes sense--even though it's not shown in the movies, he's not exactly hugging his victims down to the floor. And he's not very scary if all he does is grab his victims and shake them until they fall over.
Unless they're babies. Shaking babies is very dangerous and can be deadly. For adults, however, you really need to disembowel them with your claws.

For movies, I've been on more of a classic sci fi kick lately because of the DVD set mentioned upthread, but I recently watched The Cat and the Canary, which was great. I like KINO's restorations.
I've been doing mostly SF lately, too, but I did catch a movie called Boy Eats Girl on Fear.Net. Not hilarious, but fairly amusing. It co-starred the woman from the Planet Of The Apes remake-- don't hold it against her.

There are some upcoming things I'm looking forward to, like Creepy Archives from Dark Horse and The EC Archives: Haunt of Fear, which looks to be another fine entry in this great line of books.
I've got all the Russ Cochran editions of the EC Archives (well, maybe most, I'm not sure if I'm still missing anything). But I'm looking forward to the Creepy archives. Lots of classic names will be listed among the creators. I still remember seeing those black-and-white magazines at the cigar store where I used to buy my comics in Dorchester-- they called out to me, but I was forbidden from buying them.

I'm excited that we're finally getting a set of the first season of the underrated Friday The 13th - The Series. It (wisely) had nothing to do with the film series, and just told some solid stories. I haven't seen any of these since they aired, so I'm really looking forward to it.
That was a great show (until they screwed it up toward the end). Solid stories, as you say, and a nice cast with nice characters. There was believable friction between them, but they were basically ordinary people trying to do the right thing. This is definitely a show worth collecting.

A surprise release is Icons of Horror: Hammer Films, which looks to be following the Icons of Adventure set I mentioned before. They've cobbled together four Hammer films that are (as far as I'm aware) out of print: The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, Scream of Fear, and at long last, The Gorgon.
Coincidentally, I just saw The Gorgon on TMC not long ago; it was pretty good. Typical Hammer film; very atmospheric and moody.

Maybe there's some hope that they'll re-release The Abominable Snowman.
They're saving that one UNTIL LAST.
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