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Re: Uniform Differences

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While I think the uniforms being made of little chevrons is Superman Returns lame, it's not that far a stretch. And it doesn't look as stupid as having a camo pattern made up of the GIJoe logo. The approach they seem to be taking with TOS unis is just layered athletic wear like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor. The chevron is also a minor detail you'll barely see onscreen.
Why would it be lame?
I said it would be "Superman Returns lame" because Superman's suit in that film was made of little s's. As for why it would be lame, I don't see a military organization making it's uniforms out of it's symbol. It seems silly to me, like if the army made it camo patterns out of patriotic stars. I then go into a possible reason why it would thematically fit the costumes of TOS and be less silly.
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