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Re: Uniform Differences

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It was done for "Spider-Man." It was done for "Superman Returns." And it was done for Abrams' "Star Trek."
No, neither of the above created custom woven fabrics, and I'd be shocked if Abrams did it either.

Both Spiderman and SR had RUBBER SUITS. Which, if you notice, I DID mention. But since I sincerely doubt that the clothes our stars will be wearing on-screen will be molded rubber (complete with "bat-nipples?") I doubt that this is relevant...

Do you have reason to believe that the costumes being worn in this film will have that?

Oh, and as for "Spiderman," I didn't notice any "little spider" in the weave of any fabric. I noticed big, embossed rubber stripes on it, but that's hardly the same thing. So we're limited to "Superman Returns." Which was a rubber muscle-suit, wasn't it?
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