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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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I was only referring to this board. I have said this before. I have not had a single person I know personally tell me that they like SR and I know a very diverse group of people. Not a single one. Which actually is quite amazing to say the least, because you always know someone that likes almost every movie.
That's an excellent point... granted, every last one of us is speaking anecdotally when we talk about "everyone we know" but it's ODD when we don't see at least a little bit of divergence of opinion, unless we happen to live in a survivalist ranch or a monastery or someplace like that...

Now, compared to the ALTERNATIVES which had been put out for "new Superman movies" this flick was orders of magnitude better... I think we all know that. But that takes us back to the same point I was trying to make earlier... specifically, that the further you deviate from the source material (especially true when you're talking about POPULAR source material!), the worse off you end up being.

"Superman Returns" was the LEAST BAD option... and it was a passable movie as a result (as opposed to "unbearable" like most of the other alternatives which were proposed... ie, a superman who couldn't fly, wore armor, and of course Krypton was never destroyed... among other travesties). From that standpoint... it wasn't an AWFUL movie. It was simply a disappointment... not a travesty like we might've gotten.

But that doesn't mean that it's as good as it could have been... as it SHOULD have been. IMHO, of course!
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