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As I have said before Superman DOES need an origin story. It can be similar to Nolans Batman-universe in that it is detailed and more realistic relationships between people. I would start the movie off on Krypton. Introduce all the characters. Supes Mom and Dad. The council. General Zod. You can show kryptonian society on the big screen like never before. If you have a good set of writers they could build on the conflicts we already know exist between Supermans Mom and Dad, the council, and Zod. Fill in the details. But make it compelling and dramatic like BB/TDK. Then 1/2 to 3/4 of the way thru the film krypton goes BOOM. The rest of the movie can show Superman getting to earth. And a few of his future enemies are not far behind.
With this basic idea you can establish a truly dark and evil Zod. By really knowing why he hates Superman. You could even show Doomsday or Brainiac on Krypton as experiments.
When Supes arrives at earth you could flash up to smallville. This would set up a good 2nd movie of a trillogy. A 2nd movie where zod and luthor somehow kick supes ass bad and have him end up losing at the end of the 2nd movie. the 3rd movie would be about rebirth and redemption...
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