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Dusty Ayres
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Re: Sony's Perceived Idiocy.

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I don't really get why people think the PS1 and PS2 were such great products. As far as I am concerned they were pieces of shit that would always break.
And yet, the Sega Dreamcast was allowed to die like an infected dog, even though it didn't have these problems, was able to really surf the 'Net unlike PS2 and XBOX, who could only do it when they were hacked by somebody, and was probably a better system. Amazing how people were/are so gullible (and I have to include myself as well, since I bought both a PS1 and a PS2-the latter system because of the crappy game Superman: Shadow Of Apokolips when I could have bought a XBOX and be playing Crimson Skies instead! I have enjoyed my PS2, though, although I am now on my 3rd.)
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