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Re: What's Alan Moore's Problem?

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Ah, but there's the rub in the case of "Watchmen." Alan Moore isn't the SOLE CREATOR of Watchmen. Dave Gibbons was a co-creator.

The result of which is that Moore has stated that his share of any proceeds from this film will go to Gibbons.

Odd, certainly, but it makes his point quite clear. Gibbons gets the money... and Moore gets to keep his own "conscience" clear over the film. For Moore to refuse to allow Watchmen to be made, he'd essentially be taking food out of the mouths of Gibbon's children.

So, while Moore may be an odd guy, he's got a sense or honor and morality which he's applying here.
He actually did do the withholding thing for a while, albeit on a smaller scale, to Alan Davis, his collaborator on Marvel UK's Captain Britain; since the rights only applied to the UK, the transfer of any creations to Marvel proper required consent. Marvel initially reprinted some of his stuff in America, apparently unaware that consent was required (Chris Claremont, likewise, was planning on using some of the characters in Uncanny X-Men, operating under the assumption that since Marvel had published it it must be usable); Moore was annoyed by this mistake and forbid any further reprints, which led to a prolonged estrangement between him and the artist, Alan Davis, who thus couldn't get royalties for his work (Moore eventually allowed a trade printing a couple of years ago, which has since gone out of print).
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