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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hi, I'm Kira45, and I'm new to the BBS -- not because of XI -- but I just got a new computer and finally broadband (phew) and decided to look for
ways to let my Trek thoughts ease out slowly without exploding my brain.

Started watching TOS in '66, as a college senior. The lack of special effects didn't bother me; it was like theater, and had much more thoughtful stories and character development than other "space shows."

I was slow to warm to TNG ("this isn't Star Trek!") but got hooked by the
reruns. Same with DS9, to be honest! By the time VOY came along,
I had my popcorn ready for the series premiere, and liked the series. Didn't like ENT as well as the rest, but by then I had an insatiable curiosity
about everything going on in the Trek universe, and did think some of the
episodes were outstanding; also liked the characters. But during the last
year or two it seemed to me there was more action than character deve-
lopment, and a more drawn-out and explicit focus on violence and even
what I considered to be torture by Jonathan Archer. (OK, I squirmed a lot
during Picard's Cardassian interrogation and his "Locutus" experience!)

Anyway, I'm glad to be here; and thank you all for being here!
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