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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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It is funny, I have heard many people say they do not want Batman to get a Robin, who is apart of Batman lore, but they want Superman to have a son, which is not a part of Batman lore.
Superman having a son was one of the least popular elements of Superman Returns, at least so far as opinion expressed online. You may have heard some people say that they liked it, but it certainly wouldn't constitute a majority opinion. Far from it.
Exactly. And this statement from Mark Waid(who I think is a top 10 writer currently in the industry) only strengthens that opinion for me.
“I so wanted that movie to work,” said Mark Waid, “but every choice they made in that movie was wrong. If you’re making the movie in a vacuum, and there will be no other Superman movies ever again, go ahead and give him a son. But otherwise, that’s a staggeringly awful idea. What are you going to do next? Either the kid has to be a part of his life, or get superpowers, which no one wants to see. I want to go to them and say, ‘What were you thinking?’”
For all the discussion about the kid being a bold and daring move that would open new channels of storytelling Waid nails it. It does the opposite IMO. Unless you want to decentralize Clark as the force of your narrative you don't place a kid in there. It's at least as compelling a reason to not have Robin in a Batman movie although at least Robin is canon.

I think its quite clear that the further we get away from SR and less likely it seems Warners is going to get to Man of Steel the more people speak out against Returns and more towards a reboot. Its quite telling I think.
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