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Re: Latest Marvel DVD: Hulk vs.

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Wolverine seemed kind of breaky. Is Hulk casually breaking Adamantium now? Next we'll see him beat down Galactus.
You're talking about a guy who can punch through a planet when he gets pissed off enough, a few centimeters of adamantium shouldn't be a problem even if it is supposed to be one of the hardest metals known.

Wolvie can take a beating and practically come back from the dead, but he's simply not capable of damaging the Hulk enough to stop him. Wolvie is tough, but he's not in the same class as Hulk.

Hulk vs. Galactus might be interesting actually, I don't think he'd win but he could probably cause Galactus a lot of trouble. Could he even take on the SS? For that matter, Hulk as Herald with the power cosmic?
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