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Re: Sony's Perceived Idiocy.

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And again, I'd say not one of those games are that great. Sure they may be fun but when your console costs as much as a PS3 does they need to be a bit more than what the competition is offering. None of those games are enough to make me want to get a system so I'm going to stand by my statement and say it doesn't have any exclusives that are worth a damn.
Certainly entitled to your opinion, as BigFoot stated, to each his/her own. Uncharted was worth the price of entry for me, not so much because of the game but because of the experience. In a similar manner Gears of War was worth the price of the 360 for me not cus of the game but because of the total experience.

*sigh* good times.
Yeah, Uncharted is a fun game. I got it when it was released and played it once. Then I didn't play until about a week ago when the Trophy patch was released. Since then I've played through it twice already and plan to do so again (on Crushing). And I have to admit I'm actually enjoying it more and more. It's just a ton of fun.
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