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Re: Sony's Perceived Idiocy.

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But it is their arrogance that has been their downfall. They are more self righteous than General Motors was in their heyday. They have taken some hits in the past few years and maybe a new corporate management style - an American now heads the company, very different for a Japanese firm - will get them to realise when their shit stinks, it really stinks.
Stringer is a naturalized US citizen but he was born in Cardiff and most likely still considers himself foremost as Welsh. A complete shift in corporate management style is totally unnecessary and most likely not going to happen.
Whoopth, never knew he was Welsh.

As far as a complete shift in corporate management, I dunno about company-wide changes, but the gaming division's been shuffled quite a bit in the past 2-3 years.

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^ To each his/her own, but I think there are quite a few really awesome exclusives on the PS3 (Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Motorstorm, GT5: Prologue).
Not to mention the awesome stuff on PSN, Warhawk, Q4B, Siren, SSHD, Eden, Monsters. The whole idea that the PS3 has no worthwhile exclusives is about as valid an argument as "PSP has no games", it's rhetoric from a bygone era.

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I've had 2 PS1s fail on me and my Wii exploded a month back, but my 360 never game me any problems.
Not even Microsoft would get away with charging 20 quid for a glorified demo.
Prologue is the equivalent of a PSN game like Warhawk or Siren, it's got online rankings and online play as well as a dedicated Motorsports channel, 76 cars and 6 tracks with 12 layouts... how is this in any way a demo? It's got more content than most full priced racers.
And again, I'd say not one of those games are that great. Sure they may be fun but when your console costs as much as a PS3 does they need to be a bit more than what the competition is offering. None of those games are enough to make me want to get a system so I'm going to stand by my statement and say it doesn't have any exclusives that are worth a damn.
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