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Re: Drop in some cool bass lines.

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Be glad too when you've fixed the edit button feature so that I don't have to re-log in EVERY time I make an edit.
I don't think it's anything to do with the Edit button. Are you checking "Remember Me" when you log in? That seems to clear up the timeout problem for most people.

Bass lines:

Roger Glover's in "Highway Star" - Deep Purple
Chris Squire's in "Roundabout" - Yes
John Entwistle's in "Young Man Blues" (Live at Leeds) and "The Real Me" (Quadrophenia) - The Who
Mel Schacher's in "Black Licorice" - GFRR
Dave Pegg's in "Dirty Linen" and "Sloth" (Live Convention) - Fairport Convention
Patrick O'Hearn's in "The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution" - Mothers
Pretty much anything by Jaco Pastorius
Jack Bruce's in "Apostrophe" - Zappa
Les Claypool's in "Tommy the Cat" - Primus
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