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Re: what does Star Trek food taste like?

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The one time I remember seeing hasparat, it looked like an organic Indian burrito a local grocery chain carried all too briefly. So I imagined it to have a grainy curry texture to it, probably tasting like creamed spinach and the fires of hell.
I remember seeing hasperat in "Second Skin," and it definitely looked like a burrito. Which is probably why I equated it with Mexican spices.

That and for whatever reason I'd already equated Cardassian food with Southeast Asian food (descriptions of the food reminded me of things I'd eaten in Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants)--and so whatever Bajoran food was, it could NOT be THAT.

Kanar looked like syrup.
That was SO nasty when it ran down the mirror after Damar threw that glass.

Alcoholic molasses. Mm-mm-good.

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