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Re: Angel's standout episodes

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I think Angel had more mediocre and bad episodes than Buffy did. Most of season 1 of Angel was just CSI with paranormal thrown in. Don't get me wrong, I love Angel but the only bad eps of Buffy I can think of are "Beer Bad" , "Where the wild things are", "Bad eggs" and "I robot you jane"
Agreed. Angel season 1 wasn't too great, it was just like a police procedural which happened to have vampires in it. It did start improving towards the end of its first year, though, with the Faith two-parter and the season finale, etc. At the time Angel season one originally aired, the consensus among the group I hung out with seemed to be 'Angel sucks'. They did bite their tongues when it started getting much better in later years.

Beer Bad is the Episode Of Which We Do Not Speak. Terrible. I think it and 'Where The Wild Things Are' were by the same writer, IIRC. The name escapes me. I think she didn't write any more episodes after that terrible pair, and I can see why!
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