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Re: What's Alan Moore's Problem?

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I think he made most of these deals in the late 1980s and early 1990s (he wouldn't have been hard up for cash at the time, but the big checks for the film rights certainly would have been enticing). It was after the films started coming out that he took a hard line against film adaptations of his work.
Then he shouldn't have signed on the dotted line. The fact that he did means he has no right to bitch about the situation now (or more specifically, of course he can bitch all he wants, but nobody needs to take it seriously).
I disagree.

We all learn from our experiences (or we should, anyway). It's entirely possible that he has learned over time that certain decisions were mistakes based on how they ultimately turned out.

Or, he could just be a crabby bastard who cashed in early on and now he pees in everyone's cornflakes whenever he's given the opportunity.

Hell, he has two strikes in his favor. He's old, and he's an artist. I'd be disappointed if he wasn't a crabby bastard.
Oh, please, give me a break. He KNEW what would happen to his properties once he sold the movie rights (and believe me, in te 1970ies and 1980ies, there were A LOT of examples he could look at and watch on TV and in the theatres of the day). It's just a fact tht the money offered was TOO GOOD to pass on; and now that he fells he probably has enough, he now does the whole 'I'm OUTRAGED!(tm)' stchick (much like Harlan Ellison - who's mde a good deal of money off of the whole 'Gene Roddenberry destroyes my 'City on the Edge of Forever' script, and acting shocked and surprised as IF it were the first script he ever sold for TV, and was thus 'unaware' of how that industry worked - which is BS as he sold a number of scripts previously to shows like 'The Outer Limits', etc.)

he's just a raging hypocrite (imo); a;though I do applaud him if he IS at least donating a share of proceeds to charities).
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