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Secret Agent Magazine

Calling all Secret Agent fans:

Secret Agent Magazine is a new online magazine devoted to news about secret agents -- from spies and government operatives to private eyes and bounty hunters -- as well as gadgets and weapons used by secret agents.

Recent news articles have covered secret agents on TV and on the big screen, including USA Network's "Burn Notice," NBC's "Chuck" and the Coen brothers' new spy comedy "Burn After Reading."

Upcoming news includes the new series "My Own Worst Enemy" and "Knight Rider" on NBC, as well as the new James Bond film, "Quantum of Solace," and the new season of "24" on Fox.

There are also links to buy secret agent gadgets, from lockpicks and spy cameras to night-vision goggles and cell-phone jammers.

If anyone has any suggestions for secret agent-related articles (or if you want to contribute an essay or movie review or analysis of secret agents on TV or in books), let us know. Any ideas or contributions are appreciated for this new online resource for everything secret agent related.

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