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Re: On "Ex Machina" & Crew

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Don't intend to. As the guidelines say to send a synopsis and the first three chapters, I will do so. I was actually considering stopping my novel after I finished chapter three, but after a minute or two, I just shrugged and said, "Ah, what the heck. I love this story so much, I simply can not stop now."

Besides, I've never been one for stopping a good job when I'm just gettin' started. But as I said just now, I will follow the rules and send only what they ask for.

After... I've sold my first couple o' Trek novels, of course. Books that follow the guidelines.
I think you're still a little confused on how this works. You send them a submission, and primarily they're using that to judge how well you follow the instructions, writing style, etc; as I understand it, it's extraordinarily unlikely that the book you submit will be one they publish (think about it - how many novels that fit the submission guidelines HAVE been published recently?) They're doing that so they know you can follow instructions and write. After that, you pitch stories to them and they give assignments to you, and you write the books from the ground up collaboratively.

The odds of the novel you're writing now getting published are effectively zero, even if you do get hired by Pocket.
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