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Re: Superman Begins

Superman Begins is simply a moniker and doesn't neccessarily have to do with the movie plot its self. I guess maybe that is why so many of you have been against a reboot...I wasn't really meaning when I posted this that it had to be a total reboot effort. The title was meant to invoke a Nolan-esque feel to the Superman franchise. Perhaps I should have titled this thread How Would a Chris Nolan Superman Film Be Like or something like that using the same methods he used in crafting Batman Begins.

Ultimately I think a Nolan film would be different in all aspects of the movie from plot to visual effects to perhaps even who was playing Superman and the other characters. Nolan seems like a realist...who tries to construct a reality around his films that is similar to our world but really isn't. Despite his comments about Superman not being realistic I think that if he was given some material to work with he would find a way to make a really terrific Superman film. There isn't a need to include an origin since as everyone has pointed out everyone is already familar with the Superman mythos and how he got to Earth, etc. I just think it would be fun to flashback...
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