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Re: top ten hip hop albums of all time?

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I guess I was more referring to previous experiences on this board where people had such a harsh and negative reaction to the notion that not all hip-hop is equivalent to gangsta rap.

That attitude makes no sense to me.

I may not listen to other styles, but I'm aware they exist, and that people listen to them: they just don't do much for me, personally. To deny their existence makes no sense to me at all.

And now you see how I felt when I first got that attitude thrown at me a few years back.

I was over in the MISC. forum and we had some discussion of recent albums. IIRC, someone had mentioned a new rap album and it started a discussion of how "hip-hop wasn't real music" and then it turned into a critique of lyrical content.

Before it was over, the general vibe turned into "rap sucks, its just cursing and sexism and rock is perfect." Despite giving numerous examples of groups and songs that represented other sides to the genre, the folks there refused to believe it.

Yeah, I find those sorts of posts annoying. It's pretty obvious they've paid no attention to nothing other than what hits the charts and gets airplay on mainstream radio and MTV type channels, and if you do that with any genre of music, you're bound to get plenty of rubbish.
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