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Re: On "Ex Machina" & Crew

^ Doesn't matter, anyway. You don't send completed manuscripts to Pocket for Star Trek.
Don't intend to. As the guidelines say to send a synopsis and the first three chapters, I will do so. I was actually considering stopping my novel after I finished chapter three, but after a minute or two, I just shrugged and said, "Ah, what the heck. I love this story so much, I simply can not stop now."

Besides, I've never been one for stopping a good job when I'm just gettin' started. But as I said just now, I will follow the rules and send only what they ask for.

After... I've sold my first couple o' Trek novels, of course. Books that follow the guidelines.

Rush, if you want to write professionally, then go ahead and try. I've used fanfic to hone my skills and fine tune my English, broaden my vocabulary and get ready, like a warm up before a marathon.
As have I, mate.

There was this one story of mine, in which I experimented with 2nd-person POV, present tense, as the first scene. For the next few scenes, I used 1st-person, present tense. The rest of the tale used 1st-person, past tense. (I was going to use present tense for the whole book, but it almost gave me a headache....)

I've already written one novel, unpublished, a few years ago and now finally ready to write another one. Once I have my original stuff published I fully intend to go for a Star Trek story and have three plans in development. But those have gone on the backburner while my original-universe stuff takes off.
You have a novel out? Cool! If you don't mind my asking, which one is it?

I myself have quite a few non-Trek ideas. None of them are as developed as my Trek ideas, but one in particular is relatively high on my priority list --though not as high as my current Trek book. I'm probably gonna start with Trek, and then go for mainstream every so often.

The non-Trek book's a political thriller, BTW.

Good luck, you'll need it. As will I.
Thanks, Xeris!
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