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Re: What's Alan Moore's Problem?

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Why is he such a crabby bastard about 'Watchmen', etc.?
I was always under the impression that he is simply a crabby bastard.
exactly. he's a big gruff guy who writes amazingly but is not one of those writers you could easily have a beer with.

I rather like that in an artist from time to time. It's refreshing instead of the "love me, love me" narcissicism so often found in those who play along with the system to hawk their creations in whatever form will bring them a buck.
sometimes I like it, but other times, his attitude can be extremely frustrating. Marvel finally talked him into letting them print his old Captain Britain work. a printing error later, and he revoked their rights again, even after profuse apologies.

I guess I'd probably be cranky as well if I had to deal with contracts and lawyers and protecting my intellectual properties, but I hope I wouldn't be as cranky.
romulan meatloaf again?!
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