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Re: top ten hip hop albums of all time?

comicbookwriter wrote: View Post
Wow, someone on TrekBBS actually knows something about music other than punk rock, indie rock, or brit-pop?

This is truly a day for the ages.
Actually, I think this comment is a bit unfair. There are actually a fair number of folks around here who listen to and know alot about classical music, country music, current mainstream rock, and classic rock as well. IMO, we are not nearly as narrow as you imply.

There is a rather wide variety of musical interests around here, actually. In fact, I'd guess that the demographics of the population at TrekBBS fall pretty much in line with the musical demographics of the population as a whole. You have a fair number of older posters here, for example - posters over 40. Maybe TrekBBSers over forty don't listen to hip hop...but then, most people over forty out in the general population don't listen to hip hop either.

In other words, you can't expect people here to defy the demographics.

However, it doesn't make us lacking in interest, imagination, or willingness to try new things. It just makes us willing to try DIFFERENT 'new things' than what you apparently prefer.

Shoot...not 4 months ago, I myself was introduced to a band on this very board which I had never heard before, but which is now one of my favorite bands ever. Because I live in the southern portion of the U.S. and this band is really only big in Canada, I might never have heard of them at all if it wasn't for this board. And here I am, 4 months and about 15 albums later, just NUTS for this band.

Bottom line - there is a tremendous amount of knowledge around here, and people ARE willing to try new things and give stuff a chance. It just might not be according to your personal tastes.
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