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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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I usually like most of Christopher's Stuff, but Greater than the Sum didn't work for me at all.
Sorry to hear that. I read your review, and I wanted to clarify one thing:

One would think that the novel would improve once it hits the actual plot, but sadly this isn’t the case. The main reason for that is that the overall theme of family and children is totally oppressing any kind of flow that the story could have otherwise. You want to have an overall theme carried through the whole novel? Fine, no problem with that, but do it with subtlety and don’t slap it over everything in the novel. Here, it's totally pushing the actual Borg plot into the background and is nothing but annoying in the end.
I think you've misconstrued the purpose of the book. The Borg were not the "actual" plot of the novel. They were the McGuffin. We'd already had two novels centering on the Borg and were about to have a trilogy driven by them, so I was going for a change of pace, a more character-driven and exploration-driven tale. The hunt for the Einstein was just the means to set the character and exploration storylines in motion.

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I first have to admit I have not read The Buried Age, Q&A, or Before the recaps of previous storylines didn't bother me at fact, I appreciated the fact that these little notes filled in the gaps for me without dragging the story down, a very hard thing to do!
Well, that's the goal -- to make each book accessible to the reader without requiring them to be familiar with any previous works. Sure, that runs the risk of feeling redundant to those who have read those works, but it wouldn't be fair to exclude newcomers on those grounds.

I'm interested to see where this all goes and Destiny has a great setup!

Thanks for a great novel!
Thank you!
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