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Re: top ten hip hop albums of all time?

Wow, someone on TrekBBS actually knows something about music other than punk rock, indie rock, or brit-pop?

This is truly a day for the ages.

I love rock too, but the average conversation about hip-hop on this board usually goes south rather quickly because everyone seems to lump all hip-hop in with gangsta rap (that would be the same as lumping all rock in with death metal, and this makes no sense considering there is as much difference between Alice Cooper -- 70s version -- and Warrant or G'n'R as there is a difference between Dr. Dre/N.W.A. and A Tribe Called Quest, for those who know about both groups).

This list is pretty good, but I would also have put in:

ILLMATIC -- Nas' 1st album

LOW END THEORY -- A Tribe Called Quest 2nd album

DE LA SOUL IS DEAD -- De La Soul 2nd album

ME AGAINST THE WORLD -- Tupac Shakur's 3rd album

READY TO DIE -- Biggie's 1st album

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