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Re: Sony's Perceived Idiocy.

When it came to SONY, I only cared about the gaming side of the company and I loved the Playstation 1 and Playstation 2. However when SONY announced the PS3, It soured any relationship I had with the company...

* The console cost far too much for me to buy

* The big reason for the price tag was due to them making it more of a home entertainment system than a console...All I wanted was a console

* I can understand why they want Blue Ray but end of the day price is a big factor for most people. I am happy having 2 disk games at the end of day if you can't fit everything onto 1.

* X Box LIVE was a huge factor, as I love to play CO-OP with a old school mate of mine and SONY online just blew when released and its not much better since that day.

* Sony loss all there major exclusive games bar 1 or 2, so the 360 was cheaper with the same games plus there own stuff with LIVE.

360 is probably not as good as SONY in terms of specs in that its a little too loud with a lousy Disk reader and of course the red ring (I've never had it and too be fair, it's now fixed plus the whole warranty thing)

end of the day it came down to price. (must stop typing)
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