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Re: what's with huge production budgets?

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Where did I say Kong Flopped?

To give credit to Jackson he did create a very marketable movie and the movie made lots of money for the studio.
I wasn't refering to you but ever since that movie out so many people have called it a flop which I cannot understand because

Thus, despite the film's inauspicious start at the box office, King Kong turned out to be very profitable. Ticket and DVD sales combined, the film earned well over $700 million,becoming the fourth-highest grossing movie in Universal Pictures history.
LOTR's are rare so I don't see how it underperformed and the critical reception along with it was wonderful as well.
No new Star Trek TV series, the movies are making more money than ever before but are equally divisive, people are posting a lot less or have gone...For we are the Trekking Dead
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