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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Hello Chris,

It's been a long time since I've reviewed any Trek literature in the fourms. It's not that I haven't been reading any, just no time these days. GTTS was very entertaining and made me want to say some nice things about it, though, so here goes...

I first have to admit I have not read The Buried Age, Q&A, or Before the recaps of previous storylines didn't bother me at fact, I appreciated the fact that these little notes filled in the gaps for me without dragging the story down, a very hard thing to do!

I'll be honest, I expected a lot of Borg action but what I found was very rewarding. Several key scenes between various characters - Picard and Beverly, Geordi and Elfiki, Hugh and Rebekah, Worf and Choudhury (did I spell that correctly?) - served to deepen my understanding of them and raised my enjoyment of this story. I esp liked Worf's speech with Choudhury about honor. Well done. And even though there could have been some romantic implications there, I like the fact that he thinks of Jadzia at that moment.

Choudhury's "pendulum attack" against the Borg ship. Excellent imagery - movie quality!

Very interesting aliens as well - you certainly do like gigantic multifaceted lifeforms don't you? (Orion's Hounds is my favorite Titan novel by far!)

I never got the feeling of "here we go again" with any facet of the story - even with the inclusion of Hugh and Guinan. Everything had that "moving forward" quality to it and it seems Picard's new crew (and family life) are finally starting to gel, despite all of the quirky and uneven parts. One can't help but smile for the captain! Until the end anyway...damn, damn damn!!!

I'm interested to see where this all goes and Destiny has a great setup!

Thanks for a great novel!
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