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Re: what does Star Trek food taste like?

The coloured food cubes from TOS's protein resequences either taste like chicken, or Play-Doh...

I don't know why, I always imagine Hasperat to be like seaweed until I saw it on screen.

Romulan ale, I imagine, tastes like cleaning fluid. Though I did always wonder why even the Romulans call it Romulan ale And why would they only make one variety of it?

I did also wonder why Phlox's jar of leeches was handwritten (and why presumably Phlox couldn't draw an N the write way round). Maybe that labelling machine that tagged up everything else on the ship was out of tape The leeches I imagine wouldn't taste of much, but you'd be chewing it for a few hours...

Anyway, enough of this speculation, I'm going to go and have some Earth Coffee.
Let's bluesify it by, like, twenty percent...
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