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Re: what does Star Trek food taste like?

From my website:

Andorian cuisine

"Commander Benjamin Sisko recalls an incident involving Curzon Dax, Science Officer Kustanovich of the USS Livingston, and eight helpings of Andorian redbat. [Invasive Procedures.] Lieutenant Jadzia Dax enjoys Andorian tuber root more than Sisko and he lets her steal some off his plate. Seyetik presents a recipe to the station's officers that requires the use of an Andorian boiler. [Second Sight.]

"Authentic Andorian ale is available from Quark's bar [Meridian] as are Andorian Sunset cocktails. [DC Comics' The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover mini-series]. An Andorian Fast Food outlet (Shop 01-754) is located on The Promenade [as seen on the directory board in the television special The Science of Star Trek].

"An Andorian citric beverage sampled by Nog tasted like a clear, fizzy version of the smell of a Terran goat in lemon oil. [Avatar, Book 2 (Pocket, 2001) by SD Perry.] Roasted Andorian flatroot is a delicacy popular with the Ops staff. [Mission Gamma, Book 2: This Gray Spirit (Pocket, 2002) by Heather Jarman.] This is also known by its Andorian term, hari.

"An Andorian stimulant beverage, katheka, is similar to Terran coffee. [Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Book 1 (Pocket, 2004).]

"Recipes for Andorian Tuber Root (in a pie, topped with marshmallows!) and an Andorian Ale (a yellowish, nutty version with a foamy head, not blue as eventually seen in Enterprise) are featured in the Star Trek Cookbook by Ethan Phillips and William J Birnes (Pocket, 1999).

Roasted flatroot, a brownish orange Andorian vegetable dish, and imparay redbat, a meat dish, go well with faridd, an Andorian beverage. [Enterprise: Rosetta (Pocket, 2006) by Dave Stern.]"
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