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Re: do klingons use universal translators?

EMP weapons destroy electronics, yet don't harm people. There's plenty of technology that can "jam" or "wipe out" technology but not harm humans.
Only unprotected technology, though. If you want to EMP out a computer circuit that has been properly protected, you're going to fry out the person holding that circuit in his pocket first.

That's the classic conceit: that all scifi technology is jammable in a manner that doesn't harm the proximal lifeforms. In the usual case, one would assume that most technology would be far more robust than the corresponding biological functions in the target area, and that only a select few pieces of technology would be truly vulnerable to "nonlethal" weapons. Not so in scifi...

Except for SG-1, perhaps. (But they, too, eventually manage to find a way to jam supposedly foolproof submachine guns without jamming O'Neill's digestion or knee joints. Although I trust the Tollan technology would have been able to selectively jam O'Neill's knee if he literally tried to kick Tollan ass.)

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