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Re: what's with huge production budgets?

Where did I say Kong Flopped? I would hate to have you guys sign contracts because you really need to read more carefully I said
extremely boring OR complete flops.
and the big CGI monkey in KingKong was a complete snorefest, it was self-indulgent monkey business, needed an hour edited from it. KingKong was a really expensive and boring B-movie and the actors really didn't amount to much ie "extremely boring"

Jackson's Kong = KingDonkeyKong

To give credit to Jackson he did create a very marketable movie and the movie made lots of money for the studio. However once an audience as been "had", tricked into watching a snorefest it usually leaves a bitter taste in the audiences mouth. So Kong might have been when Peter Jackson finally jumped the shark.

Other movies like Waterworld etc are different stories, they blow their budget. They are marketed badly, word gets out the movies sucks and suddenly every critic in town wants to trash it. Then "Voilą" you have the perfect ingredients for a Mega-Flop
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