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3. Damn was this season dark with The Beast, Angelus, Wesley, etc. (I'm not complaining about that I really liked those elements) which makes the Jasmine episodes seem downright silly. It was really a bad way to end such a dark ark.
The Jasmine arc certainly seemed counter-climax when I first watched it. However, on repeat viewings, it's actually quite elegant when you consider the whole series in context. (At least from where I'm typing).
I'd hardly describe it as elegant. More like convoluted. But I just felt that the entire season had been leading up the the honest to god end of the freaking world. Not the real end of course (Angel and crew would stop it) but it truly felt like the biggest and baddest of the would-be apocalypses so far in either show (The Beat appearing and wiping out W&H, fire raining from the sky, perpetual darkness, and our heroes being so desperate that they would risk unleashing Angelus.). Then for it to finally take the path that it did felt like a letdown. Not to mention inconsistent. For the entire season, the big bad is like the archetypal evil, but when we finally see Jasmine, she's practically benevolent (besides that whole eating people thing.) It seems a huge change in character that just doesn't work for me.
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