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I don't hate season four of Angel, and still think it's better than 99% of the drivel on TV, I just have problems with it that make it pale in comparison to the other seasons:

1. Connor is a terrible character. There's no other way to spin this.
Yeah, in Season 4 his character was really rough. I like where they took him in Season 5 but it was definitely hard to hang with him in Season 4. Doesn't take much away from my ability to enjoy the arc but I can't disagree with this asessment.

2. Having such a beloved character as Cordelia not really be Cordelia for the entire season makes things seem very weird. If not for You're Welcome, the last time we really saw Cordelia as we knew her would have been at the end of season three.
True, but the producers did the best they could with a Charisma real-life pregnancy. It certainly wasn't the direction they wanted to go but what else can you do? Given that, I give them a pass on the lame Cordy arc for Season 4.

3. Damn was this season dark with The Beast, Angelus, Wesley, etc. (I'm not complaining about that I really liked those elements) which makes the Jasmine episodes seem downright silly. It was really a bad way to end such a dark ark.
The Jasmine arc certainly seemed counter-climax when I first watched it. However, on repeat viewings, it's actually quite elegant when you consider the whole series in context. (At least from where I'm typing).
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