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Re: Law & Order: Criminal Intent - "Neighborhood Watch" - Logan/Wheele

The episode was kind of confusing on whether Ricky (?) was telling the truth about killing Kyle. Apparently he did commit the murder, but he told so many lies in his confession that it was hard to tell when he was telling the truth. For a moment, I thought Logan and Wheeler had figured out that he wasn't the guy, just an accomplice for the real guy. When he said he felt kind of meh about the murder and probably wouldn't do it again, I thought the look they exchanged was meant to say "He didn't really do it, because he doesn't have enough passion to be consistent with stabbing the guy 15 times." When we then saw Logan with the vindictive cop, I thought it was leading toward exposing the cop as the real killer. So it did kind of seem to fizzle out in the last minutes, giving us a weak and confusing reveal and then trailing off with too much denouement.

Also, the bit with the friend of the captain's throwing in the serial-killer angle seemed kind of pointless.
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