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Re: No respect for the character of Scotty in "Relics"?

Scotty was just another engineering in a long line of engineers throughout Starfleet's history. He's sepcail to "us" as fans but in the universe of Trek he's just another engineer and nothing extra-ordinary.

I, kind-of, liked how it was suggestes Scotty was less "miracle worker" than he was "a good manipulator." It's ludicrous to think that even the very best engineer can "break the laws of physics" and make impossible things happen or things happen in much shorter time. Makes pretty good sense that Scotty fudged his talents here and there some. That's just work-place politics that I'm sure we all do from time to time.

But I'll never agree that what Geordi does in this episode is wrong. Geordi was very patient with Scotty and Scotty pushed himself onto Geordi too far.

When Geordi first meets Scotty he's genuinely impressed with the man and seems willing to talk with him after the trip to sickbay Geordi has to go off to work on the analysis and Scotty invites himself along! Only to be stopped by Crusher for needing to rest. Geordi then, kindly, says that he's very busy but that he'll give a tour later.

Later on, Scotty marches into Engineering proclaiming he's there to HELP them! As if he's going to be of ANY help. The Enterprise is fully staffed, not under any emergency and is just doing routine duties and analysies. They hardly need someone with 70-year old engineering knowledge to march in there and start "helping" them.

Geordi kindly tells Scotty they don't need his help but Scotty doesn't take the hint and the proceedes to messing with settings in the computer, opens the dilithium chamber and then even has the stones to question LaForge's work which ends up being the breaking point.

Scotty was, as Geordi says, "in the way." Geordi was busy and he didn't have time to do his work AND to stop Scotty from fooling around/fix his messes AND to explain the new technology to him. It wasn't the right time.

Frankly, Scotty got what he deserved. If someone came into your job and started asking you questions, messing with stuff, and questioning your ability to down your OWN JOB and they were 70 years behind the curve for your job you'd probably get pretty upset too.

Geordi would've gladly shown Scotty around engineering, told him about all the new technologies and techniques at a better time. Scotty was just impatient and his timing was way off. But Scotty gets all haughty and then leaves Geordi with a send-off that makes Geordi feel like crap. ("I'll leave ya to your work Mister LaForge!")

Scotty was way more in the wrong in this situation. The crew was busy. When Picard got off duty HE sought out Scotty to talk with him. So apparently the crew wasn't of the mentality to leave Scotty on his own. They just had work to do.
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