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Re: Sony's Perceived Idiocy.

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Also the PSP has been outperforming the Nintendo DS Lite in the first part of this year due to the release of games such as god of war and final fantasy crisis core. Considering the monopoly Nintendo had on the handheld gaming market before the release of the PSP then it has to be seen has a success rather than a failure.
In Japan the hardware has been outselling the DS this year, but not in the US, where the only real competion the it has on the montly charts for the number 1 spot is the Wii.
Nintendo has moved twice as many DS units in Japan then Sony has moved PSPs, and with Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest 9 coming to the DS Nintendo has absoultly nothing to worry about.

Plus, you almost never see PSP games actually selling well (I'm sure there are many reasons for this, but I believe a major reason is the ease of piracy, it almost seems to be a PC game like problem), while all kinds of DS games sell extreamly well (and on average DS games are going to have lower development costs) not only in the first month or two of release, but for many months.

I wouldn't call the PSP a success, but I wouldn't call it a failure either. It's somewhere inbetween.

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