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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

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Since Phil Spector, reportedly, held them hostage at gun point during some of the session - and he spent hours and hours making them play the same songs and even notes over and over until deep into the morning - I imagine the Ramones can't be to fond of their End of the Century experience. Particularly since it was poorly recieved by the fans.
Leonard Cohen had a similar experience when recording Death of a Ladies' Man; after a whirlwind session of writing and recording, when Cohen finished recording his vocals, Spector had armed guards remove Cohen from the studio and then mixed the album entirely on his own.

What a daffy shit, that Phil Spector.
How did Spector get away with that? Couldn't the guys have gone to the police?
Spector, as I recall, owned his own studio at the time. At that point, it's private property, and there's nothing wrong with enforcing those property rights.
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