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Re: I know I'm late, but Cloverfield questions SPOILERS (duh)

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So I finally saw the flick, having bought the dvd.

In the extras, it's mentioned that this was a baby, screaming as it was lost. How is that to be determined just be watching the film itself?
Well, it wasn't really that important to the film. Just an interesting little side note from the production team.

What the heck were those remora-type things and did they make people explode? And was that "all" they did?
Since the first time we saw them was when the creature was rubbing them off against a building, I'm guessing they were parasites. The exploding could've been the result of a desease they were carrying, or a chemical they were carrying to help them feed, like the anti-clotting agent carried in some animals saliva (vampire bats, mosquits, ticks, I forget which) that reacted badly with human biology.

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