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I know I'm late, but Cloverfield questions SPOILERS (duh)

So I finally saw the flick, having bought the dvd.

In the extras, it's mentioned that this was a baby, screaming as it was lost. How is that to be determined just be watching the film itself?

Aside from the tanker getting tossed in the harbor and expository speculation, was there anything else to show/say that the thing came from the ocean and was of terrestrial origin?

What the heck were those remora-type things and did they make people explode? And was that "all" they did?

Or should I just watch it again with the commentary on?

Other than that, I thought the camera-work worked better than in Blair Witch. And it was pretty touching, discounting any literary license about choosing to go into the zone of danger. So only Lily lived out of the group, I assume?
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