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Re: BATMAN 3 RUMOR next Villian??

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But I have to argue the idea that there's no humor in Nolan's bat-films. Bruce Wayne in these movies actually has a sense of humor ("You know how it is, Mr. Fox, you're out at night looking for kicks, someone's passing around the weaponized hallucinogens..."), which is a rare and wonderful thing. Very, VERY few people have been able to produce a Bruce Wayne who can be warm and funny, as well as obsessive and scary. Alfred and Lucius drop quite a few funny lines - the humor is all within the world though, not the self-conscious humor of Burton that tends to wink at the camera a lot - oh look how outrageous and absurd this world is. I'm not knocking that, Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood are two of my favorite funny films.
Point taken. And agreed - Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood are wonderful films.
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