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Re: Buffy or Angel?

Season 4 is actually my favourite season of Angel. If you study the arc plot yes it is bullshit and makes no sense really, but that's mainly due to Charisma's pregnncy messing up their plans, and I don't really care anyways. For general consistency of episode quality it only falls under Buffy Season 3 IMO. Everything from Spin The Bottle to Orpheus is brilliant- Angelus, The Beast, Faith, Badass Wes, Rain of Fire, Lilah etc, I had many a fangasm when it first aired

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I actually would have been interested in seeing more of non-psycho Connor had there been a season 6.
There is. Read Angel: After The Fall (first TPB of #1-5 is out now) Connor is an awesome kickass demon fighter now he's sorted his head out. Great story of what happened to him after Not Fade Away in #6 & 7
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