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Re: No respect for the character of Scotty in "Relics"?

The whole point of the ep was how elders don't get respect. But as for totally dissing Scotty, I disagree. First off, Geordi is highly impressed with how Scotty rigged the transporter on the Jenolan to keep the patterns from reappearing. Second, Geordi reassures Scotty that he's still useful later on by saying something to the effect that just because something is old doesn't mean it isn't useful. Third, you see two engineers who do respect each other's gifts and have admiration for one another after averting a crisis together. So sure, Scotty does get a bit dissed, but it's not complete. After all, any of us, if we had been "asleep" for 80 years, would probably be seen as the village idiot if we awoke in the year 2088. -- RR
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