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Re: what does Star Trek food taste like?

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I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that kanar was based on fish, so it would probably be pretty nasty.
You sure that's not fish juice you're thinking of? (The favorite Cardassian breakfast beverage.)

Or maybe kanar has a fish head at the bottom of the bottle (which we've never seen thanks to how thick it is) kinda like tequila has a worm.

Hasperat...I've always imagined that like jalapeņo or habanera or something like that.

Now the one I've always wondered about is yamok sauce. For some reason I always think of something like sweet-and-sour sauce, or maybe teriyaki. Definitely something that would evoke Asian cuisine. Hard to understand why Quark had so much difficulty unloading the stuff, in the latter the former, it might make more sense.
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