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Re: BATMAN 3 RUMOR next Villian??

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I actually like DeNiro's take in Batman Returns, you see. I think it's the strongest preformance in that movie and in the Burton/Schumacher pictures in general.
DeVITO you mean. Probably a Freudian slip on your part, given my reference to DeNiro's Capone in my post.
I'd chalk it up to plain dyslexia in this case - I'd confuse any two words if they sound similar enough. I thought DeNiro's Capone was okay. It's a good, broad preformance, but there's very little of it. The scene stealer in that film is really Sean Connery, IMHO. Still, I'd be quite satisfied with a villain as good as DeNiro's Capone for the next Batman - and with Christian Bale we'll be guaranteed a protagonist a few shades better than a frankly stiff Kevin Costner.

And I like DeVito's performance too, though I think the strongest performance in those movies was probably given by Michelle Pfeiffer, with maybe Michael Gough as a runner up. DeVito's Penguin wouldn't fit into the Nolanverse, but he was pretty perfect for a Burton movie.
Agreed that Pfeiffer was also pretty good (and enjoyed Gough as Alfred - I wouldn't be surprised of Burton cast him for his resume in Hammer Horror pictures); and that, of course, the Burton Penguin would never work in Nolan's films. He's too ridiculous. At heart, I think Burton is a very comic director, and I think all of his best work has an element of humour - the insanely funny Ed Wood most of all. This shows through in the Batman pictures. Not humour in the campy sense of Schumacher, but the kind of dark, Gothic humour that Burton is so good at. For me, the Penguin is the best example of that.

Nolan's films take everything dead seriously. If there's humour, it's probably from the Joker and is in shockingly poor taste. Yet I thought he was a lot funnier than Nicholson's Joker, ironically enough.
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