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If they have to do another origin story, I would like to see a movie from Lois' perspective, it would begin with her coming to work and being introduced to Clark. Clark and Superman would be treated as two seperate characters and parts of the backstory would be told to Lois by Superman (for obvious reasons he would leave out the "growing up in Smallville" part), a short scene is enough, basically just "I'm the last survivor of the planet Krypton", no flashbacks, no details, they're really not important.
The first half of the movie could resemble a screwball comedy, with Lois and Clark getting to know each other (maybe they could use the old pose as a couple shtick to make sure Clark has enough screentime) and with Superman popping in once in a while to fight some minor villains and becoming the hero we all know. In the second half Superman would start to kick ass.
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