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You can tell a Superman story that is different than what a lot of the public knows today. There are about 5 versions of Superman out there that the general public knows: The Reeves movie, Lois and Clark, TAS, Smallville, and the comics of course. Anyone that has watched or read any of these knows that they are different. The best example being the way that Clark acts and the way Luthor is.

My kids know cool Clark who is smart and cunning, a master reporter that he always was in the beginning, not the goofy nerd a lot of people think of.

I don't like him as a Superman villian, but Luthor today is the alpha male, the most powerful man on the planet. He sees being President of the United States as being beneath him. He is not some mad insane scientist.

You can definitely tell a brand new Superman story that is different than what people know and what they would expect. You just have to think outside the box.
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