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Re: Sony's Perceived Idiocy.

While i agree the PS3 had a disappointing launch Sony have continued to improve the system providing regular firmware updates to the system introducing new features such as divx video support and in game XMB. Also the lack of games is no longer such an issue with the release of exclusive titles such as metal gear solid and GT5 prologue along with the wide selection of cross platform titles such as GTA4 and COD4. Also Sony provides free online play unlike Microsoft. Sony build quality is still better than most of their competitors i mean compare the failure rate of the PS3 with Microsoft’s 360 failure rate due to the ring of death overheating problem.

Also the PSP has been outperforming the Nintendo DS Lite in the first part of this year due to the release of games such as god of war and final fantasy crisis core. Considering the monopoly Nintendo had on the handheld gaming market before the release of the PSP then it has to be seen has a success rather than a failure.
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