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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

I'm definately ready for something new. It of course depends on who takes over, it could be a Tim Burton thing all over again, but as long as they get someone good, I'd love to see it.

Routh was a charming Clark Kent actually, but I'm just very tired of constantly aping the Reeve movies. He was a great Superman, but I think people don't give the general audiences nearly enough credit when they insist that people will only accept a Reeves type as Superman.

That's because he's the only guy to BE in a live action Superman film, they've never had a chance to "accept" anyone else.

I love the Donner film, but it's 2008 and that was 1978, THIRTY YEARS ago. An entire generation has grown up watchign things like TAS, Smallville, and JLU. We can give it a rest with the worship for that film. The next Superman should not be a ChristopherReeve-imitator.
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